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Making Room, My Progress: The Front Room

As I wrote about in a previous post, December’s Resolutions for 2016, I am trying to make room in my life for items of value that provide a richer life. Oftentimes you have to remove physical or mental stuff that is taking up too much room […]

Grief and Stories

My grandmother’s funeral was yesterday and it was a lovely service. I cried a little listening to my two cousins describe what she meant to them and the family. I helped bear the casket as a pallbearer along with my step-dad, my husband, my uncles […]

December’s Resolutions for 2016

Water lilies can only grow in a space clear of pollution.
Water lilies can only grow in a space clear of pollution.

I recently finished reading Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project” and decided to start this blog as she suggests to keep track of my own goals and resolutions. I like the idea of a blog as I hope to connect with others, both friends I already have (since most of them do not live anywhere near me) and new friends.

I want to focus on my activities and resolutions because I am not an expert on the best ways to accomplish bettering oneself, although I hope to become one someday. Also, the “best ways” are very subjective even when studied by science. If a particular action or routine is working awesome for you, I think you should continue doing it, no matter what anyone else says. I only ask that you examine to make sure it is actually working awesome for you. A minor example:

For years, I resisted eating breakfast in the morning. I did not feel when I woke up in the morning unless it was around noon. I felt generally ill, like I was always coming down with the stomach flu. Any kind of food smell in the morning made me want to run away although by lunch time I was starving. I had been like that for so long, I assumed there was nothing I could do to change it. In college, when I initially tried to look into the problem (after dealing with it since I was twelve or so), I was just continually asked if I was pregnant. Ladies having stomach and digestion problems apparently means you are pregnant, whether or not you are sexually active at the time not withstanding. This question would have been fine if it had been one of many, but instead since I was not pregnant they could do nothing. Very helpful.

When I did have a break-through, I was not thinking about my breakfast habit. I was eating pizza at home on break, when I got the feeling I normally do in the mornings. This was followed by sharp, hot pains up and down the middle of my chest and into my throat. My mom declared it to be heart burn. The next morning, light bulb. Was this pain and discomfort I was feeling every morning heartburn?

Long story short, it was heartburn. I changed my diet and lifestyle after I was offered Zantac every day for the rest of my life. After I managed to stop having heartburn every morning I began to notice another pain. Turns out, I was hungry in the morning! So I started eating small amounts of food starting around ten and working my way earlier. After a couple years of doing this, I still have to convince myself to do it, but I do have better energy and a general wellbeing throughout the day. Its important to get down to the whys of negative feelings and not assume it is normal.

My resolutions for this month (another idea from Gretchen Rubin, themed resolution months. I love themes and I love resolutions!) is to make room. This will be mostly a physical clutter clearing endeavor, but I hope to make room in other areas as well, such as in my mind, and on my calendar.


December’s Theme: Making room 

Action items:

  •      Clear out the front room so that a Christmas Tree will fit there!
  •      Finish the dining room
  •      Finish the kitchen
  •      Finish my office
  •      Identify and organize the deep forgotten spaces (Garage, under the sink, and closets)
  •      Get my calendar system going


I am leaving myself open to adding more action items but only if I make really good progress on these. I have a bad habit of asking too much of myself and then being massively disappointed I could not somehow finish everything. I want to be more realistic and try to chug along that way.

Why Value Added Life?

Value-added is a commonly used business term to help businesses make decisions. When deciding if they want to perform an action, or buy a product, or even take a step out of a process, a person can ask themselves or their team: Is it value-added? […]